Prime Group Australasia (PGA) is a group of companies that work together to deliver mixed-use apartment hotels Australia-wide. Prime companies were established by Sid Knell, CEO, in 1989 and have since grown and expanded to match the demands of the Australian and international markets. PGA focuses on providing quality accommodation, personalised service in preferred locations. This long-term commitment to landlords, investors, and owner-occupier achieve by managing every step of the process from design, property development to settlement.

Prime Property Investment Australasia (PPIA) is the project sales and marketing division for Prime Group Australasia and focuses on the marketing and sale of Prime Group Australasia developed apartment hotels and apartment re-sales Australia-wide of our landlords and investors’ properties.

Central Apartment Group (CAG) specialises in the management and operation of 4-star apartment hotels across Australia. We focus on direct client acquisition, market development and sales channel management to attract the right clients, guests and markets and to achieve sustainable high occupancy and rate. CAG’s commitment to guests and clients ensures satisfied customers and repeat business. CAG currently operates in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

Central Furniture Group (CFG) specialises in the sourcing of stylish and elegant furniture both internationally and locally. The furniture is ideal for the accommodation industry, designed to meet the needs of apartment hotels, full-service hotels, motels and resorts. CFG supplies full furniture packages, refurbishments and individual furnishings. All furniture is of a commercial grade that is hard-wearing – yet attractive. CFG furniture meets all Australian standards and complies with the “AAA “requirements and can meet up to 5-star standards. The benefits to owner-occupiers, investors and landlords are that furniture and furnishings can either be purchased, replaced or leased at attractive prices.